Integrated Station

Lifting system for central workspace.

JIECANG lifting system combines central workspace, providing workers with a brand new working environment and ensuring their cooperation as well as interaction. Under centralized working circumstance, lifting workstation satisfies staff’s daily standing and sitting adjustments. Such ergonomic mode and tight arrangement can also promote their communications.

TT integrated station enriches the structure of centralized office space. Employees can have sufficient office room in TT station, which can improve work efficiency. In addition, different shapes of columns are offered to match distinct furnishing styles as well.

Precise Manufacturing and Quality Control
JIECANG possesses hundreds of high-precision equipments and automated production lines, which can realize large-scale production and flexible customization. The comprehensive industrial chain fully ensures the consistency of products’ quality and timely delivery.
JIECANG owns a quality laboratory which is very demanding. We have a professional quality control team and a complete management system. All materials, semi-finished products and finished products have been tested strictly to ensure their quality and the passing rate is always under 500ppm. After tens of thousands of times of load life test, JIECANG lifting system’s lifetime turns out to be more than ten years.

Comprehensive Lifting System Solution
JIECANG lifting system has numerous advantages. The Anti-collision function avoids potential safety risks that users may encounter when using an adjustable table. In standby mode, the JIECANG lifting system is so energy saving that its power loss is below 0.1W. “Click” quick installation series, “Zoom” quick lifting series, “Nature” honeycomb desktop series, “Mute” technology, IOT interface and other lifting system solutions provide consumers with ergonomic office products in all aspects.

20+ Years-Experience in Linear Motion Field
Electric standing desk is widely used in office buildings, administrative units, enterprises, schools, at home and other environments. It enables people who need to sit for a long time to have healthy sitting posture and switch to standing at work. It helps them relieve physical fatigue and ease spinal diseases. JIECANG who has drafted the industry standard of electric standing desk owns more than 20 years of linear industry experience and is able to provide our customers with professional products and services.

First-class quality
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Raleted Products
We provide you with professional standing desk system solutions and related accessories.​​​​​​​
· Triplet
· 3 Person Workstation
· 3 Stage
· Rectangular 80*50 mm
· L-shaped
· OLED Displays
· Sedentary reminder
· Child Lock Button
· Output power: 500W
· 0.1W standby power
· 3 channels






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