Bath lift
The intelligent bath lift solution is carefully designed for people with disabilities. It strives for comfort and safety, simple and stable structure, and convenient operation.

Ergonomic structure design
The back panel can adjust at 45 degrees, which perfectly fits the bathtub. Users can lie down in the bathtub and enjoy a more comfortable bathing experience.
Widened flap seat cushion, large space for using. It is convenient for users to use the bathtub; UV soft leather cushion with non-slip design and easy to remove and wash.

Ultra-high safety performance guarantee
IPX8 waterproof level, the bath chair is not impacted by soaking, which can meet the diversified needs of users such as scrubbing and bathing.
Bath lift’s slip resistance is better. The bottom of the seat is equipped with 6 strong suction cups. At the same time, it is designed with easy-to-pull tabs, which can be sucked firmly and easily removed.
Equipped with an emergency button, in emergency, the lift can be stopped with one button to ensure the user’s safety.

Easy to carry and widely used
The hand controller can be charged quickly and has a long battery life. It can be operated continuously for more than 10 times.
It can be folded and lowered to the lowest point after using. It’s light and easy to carry.
Suitable for all kinds of people, humanized handle design, automatic fixed lock structure, the seat is more stable.

Comprehensive inspection quality
Jiecang's "Smart Bath lift" is made of selected raw materials, lean production, and has undergone hundreds of professional tests such as waterproof, dustproof, noise, and durability before finished. Bath lift’s quality is reliable and durable.


Bath lift

IPX8 high waterproof rating, no fear of water flow and immersion
It is more comfortable to bath with an adjustable backrest which fits the bathtub perfectly. It is safer to use and easier to get in and out of the bathtub with a wider padded seat.
It is softer and more comfortable with a newly upgraded padded seat. The bottom of the seat is equipped with 6 strong suction cups for better anti-slip ability. And the handle on both sides of the suction cup helps separate the cup from.






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