Patient lift
Actuator system for patient lift
JIECANG provides a variety of solutions for the patient lift system, which can meet the basic functions and also provide high-end versions to cater for various needs of different customers.

Various configurations to choose
Whether it is a basic version of the patient lift solution or a high-end solution, JIECANG has corresponding solutions to meet the needs of customers. The JIECANG actuator has a strong thrust, and the smooth lifting makes the user feel safer and more comfortable.

Safe, smart and easy to maintain
Equipped with an emergency stop button, in emergency, the power output can be quickly cut off to avoid danger; it has more humanized functions such as equipment maintenance reminder, overload learning setting and overload alarm. After the specified demand, the user will be reminded that the equipment needs to be repaired and maintained, and the computer equipment can be connected to extract relevant usage data and other information to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the inspection personnel.

Strictly comply with medical safety regulations
Jiecang medical products are committed to the EMC testing requirements of international medical devices. The products comply with ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 management systems, and comply with international certifications such as CE, UL, KC, RoHS, PSE, SAA, etc. In order to ensure9 customer products pass national standards smoothly. The product protection level can reach up to IPX6, which is more convenient to clean.


Systems for patient lifts

JIECANG provides a one-stop drive control system solution for patient lift, which not only controls the state of the bed, but also proposes more intelligent solutions. According to the different needs of customers, JIECANG provides a variety of solutions for customers to choose.
Basic Patient Lift System
The basic patient lift system includes: JC35L12, JCB35K2-A/ JCB35K2-B, JCH35A10
, which meets the needs of basic motion functions and is an economical system.
High-end Patient Lift System
The high-end patient lift system includes: JC35L28, JCB35K3, JCH35A11, JC35W10, which can realize more intelligent operation and choose more accessories.

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